Counseling Sessions With
David Cole BA, CC, LMP

David Cole

David Cole is a certified therapist, teacher and trainer in Hakomi, a form of counseling based on mindfulness, compassion and self study. He is licensed in the State of Washington as a Certified Counselor and Licensed Massage Practitioner with an ongoing counseling practice in the Seattle area since 1999. He is a founding member of the Hakomi Educational Network and is recognized as a trainer by the Hakomi Institute. He teaches Hakomi workshops, trainings and advanced Hakomi coaching sessions in the Seattle area as part of the Seattle Hakomi Educational Network. He has also taught CEU workshops on the application of mindfulness in therapy nationally since 2005 for Professional Educational Seminars Incorporated.

David studied and was certified in Hakomi by Ron Kurtz, the founder of Hakomi, and Donna Martin, Senior Trainer with the Hakomi Institute. He also trained for two years with Richard C. Schwartz Ph.D., author and creator of Internal Family Systems Therapy, and has practiced Focusing for six years. He currently practices Insight Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Tai Chi.

David has produced and directed several videos including Tom, a Hakomi training film with Ron Kurtz, and a two hour training DVD entitled Mindfulness Centered Therapies Vol I. He co-authored a textbook entitled Mindfulness Centered Therapies: an integrative approach with Carol Ladas-Gaskin, and co-authored Mindfulness, the Practice of Compassionate Presence (a PESI publication and workshop) with Carol Ladas-Gaskin and Lynn Morrison. He currently writes, teaches and practices counseling in Shorerline Washington just North of Seattle.

Individual sessions for couples and individuals offered Monday through Thursday 9:00AM to 5:00 PM. Direct insurance not available. To contact, please click here or phone 206-963-2905.